After years of research, fact-finding, and consultations it is believed that we the human race are not alone in the universe, moreover, we have been manipulated by much greater intelligence than our own.

This has been going on since our World evolved 4 billion years ago. It is recognized by today’s scientists that our universe is over 11 Billion years old. Whilst, other planets have evolved billions of years before ours.

The evidence is so overwhelming that I encourage the general public to question these findings.

How did life on this planet begin? – (Intervention or evolution?)

How and why did dinosaurs really become extinct? – (Climate change? Asteroids? Intervention?)

How did the Human race evolve and why we Homo sapiens developed and other homo species did not? – (Evolution or intervention. DNA manipulation? The missing Link?)

Why is there such diversity in our ancient past regarding intelligent races and their connection to alien beings? – Egyptians – Mayans – Cave drawings – Recorded sightings)

Why are there so many religious occults that sprung from the skies? – (Gods or superior beings?)

Why have there been numerous accounts of Alien sightings throughout our history and even today? – (Are we being watched or controlled)

Why so many Abductions World Wide and reporting the same experience? – (For what purpose? )

Why do Hundreds of thousands of people go missing without trace? (Abduction or interention?)

Why are the Governments of the World in total denial of other intelligence from other Worlds? (With so many whistleblowers including Astronauts, Air Pilots, CIA agents and so many more?)

What are UFO’s and why so many sightings? (Are we being observed? Are we being programmed for encounters of the 3rd kind?)

And so many other Questions unanswered

Please browse through the website and read what will expound before you; then you decide?